Friday, December 25, 2009

Best Tasting Green Tea?...tastes like green tea ice cream?

i was at a sushi restaurant the other day, and i had just plain, unsweet iced green tea. In my opinion, for some reason it just really tasted like green tea ice cream. i must find this type of tea!! lol.

can someone recommend tasty green tea bags that i can find at the grocery store?Best Tasting Green Tea?...tastes like green tea ice cream?
As far as the supermarket level, you could do worse than Bigelow or Celestial Seasonings. If your supermarket is higher end, they may carry the Stash brand which I really like. Republic of Tea is fairly good.

If you really want to start drinking green tea, though, it's cheaper (and fresher) to buy it loose. Matcha has an earthy, tangy flavor if you don't like sweet, but it wouldn't taste good iced. You may want to try the gyokuro or gunpowder varieties. A lot of tea shops carry green teas with fruit flavors infused as well, if you have a sweeter tooth. In my opinion, they tend to taste better iced and unsweetened.

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