Friday, December 25, 2009

Matching colors: Green/Blue Cream/Blue?

I recently bought two shirts: 1.;cPath=1_30%26amp;products_id=595%26amp;zenid=8af4f334b889c57a10a1001598a54d09


and a royal blue hat:

Would the blue/cream or the blue/green match if I wore both those combos with blue jeans?

Matching colors: Green/Blue Cream/Blue?
jeans go with everything and anything but i like the blue and cream combination better although the other one looks good also.

make ur own syle and be urself Matching colors: Green/Blue Cream/Blue?
I think the cream would go way better, but you can try both anyways, I mean its your style.
Jeans can go with every thing!

So you'll be able to wear them with both shirts.

There are always exceptions.

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