Friday, December 25, 2009

Green Eyeshadow on Cream carpet helppp?

i dropped some green eyeshadow on my carpet i aready brushed off most of it how do i get it off I tried rubbing alcohol nad windex it wont work and i dont have any baking soda with me so please helpGreen Eyeshadow on Cream carpet helppp?
is it a powder or cream?

If powder - don't mess with it - just vacuum.

Cream is a little bit tougher. Do you have any Goo-Gone type of product? Follow the directions - don't rub the eyeshadow any further into the carpet.Green Eyeshadow on Cream carpet helppp?
What about getting some washing powder and a bit of warm water? I dont know if that will help.. Sorry!
Vacuum cleaner. Or if you slap the carpet, the powder should come out. Haha.
Vaccum the excess and use some make up remover. Try some Oust.
Umm well its like a powder? If it is like the powder stuck in there try like sucking it up with the vacuum.. If its like stained i have the BEST solution!! Its amazing! it took rib sauce stuff off my white dress in less than 30 seconds so green eye shadow is nothing! ahha.. Try tonic water. The can or bottle has the same like sign as gingerale but the bottle or can is like a custard yellow. Poor it on the spot and put some paper towel on top and let it soak up. The spot should come right out! Hope it works!

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