Monday, December 21, 2009

I am having a light pink, sage green, and cream colored wedding. Any suggestions on romantic centerpieces?

Yes, I have the best suggestion. Get matching flowers and wear them in your hair as an accent to your glorious centerpieces on your tables. Everyone will be talking about your exceptional taste for the next year. I wish I could be there! Good luck and best wishes.|||Do something with lots of baby%26#039;s breath and light airy greenery, with flowers of your choice.|||I think flowers are always nice. They can be something simple in light pink and with cream and sage green accents; even a bow around the vase...If they do match your corsage, wow!|||Peonies, hydrangeas (sp?), and white roses.|||Check out and the videos at - the creations are fabulous and the videos show how to make some of them.|||i think flowers always look the best. just get nice vases and have flowers in them. perfect and easy.|||Hydrangea are very full, very romantic, and would make lovely centerpieces along with white (which is always a cream color) for this color scheme.|||Go to they have lots of great ideas for you from invitation,to center pieces you name it they have.By the way Congratulations,wish you the best

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