Monday, December 21, 2009

Poll: Chilli chocolate or Green tea ice cream?

Chilli chocolate!!! :D|||my friends called me crazy. and so will u. but i will definitely say chilli chocolate.

i bought one few days ago, a heidi with chilli and salt (!!!) a freakin interesting combination! (who says chocolate doesn`t go well with beer :P)

so, no green tea ice cream for me... :P|||Chili chocolate because it%26#039;s chocolate and chocolate is delicious|||I actually tried some Matcha Green Tea Frozen Yogurt a couple weekends ago...and it tasted pretty good.

I%26#039;ll pick the Green Tea ice cream.|||Chilli Chocolate sounds interesting!|||they both sound totally disgusting

but i guess i could try the chocolate one....|||Doesn%26#039;t sound good, but that green tea ice cream....|||Green tea sounds a trifle bit better for my palate|||Never heard of either one! But since I don%26#039;t like Green tea, I%26#039;d have to say Chilli chocolate.|||Green tea ice cream|||Green tea ice cream for me, please|||the ice cream|||green tea ice cream|||green tea ice cream|||A Big Fat Ewww!

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