Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is it ok for your man cream to be green?

i decided to leave my sex group for 90 days, and i wanted to wait the entire 90 days before i did anything at all, but last night day 72, i gave into temptation and got some ky, and had a wonderful evening with myself until...1.) i never knew i could squirt so much, and 2.) it was green, like a lime green. typically i dont see my stuff as it is usually unloaded internally into one of the girls in my sex group. but i watched some pornos and it was alwasy white and milky. is this normal?Is it ok for your man cream to be green?
Sure it's normal. I skeet the colors of the Rainbow on a Daily Basis.

Your prob have aids, as that's what causes ';bi-color delatrox sperm';, but other then that, your good.

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