Monday, December 21, 2009

Wedding centrepieces- green/cream/chocolate brown colour theme?

My wedding theme colours are apple green, cream, and chocolate brown.. my preferred flowers are hydrangeas, mums, and herbs...

I am looking for ideas (with pix) for wedding centrepieces that are cheap, and the colours I need, I am flexible on the type of flowers (tho I really love mums and hydrangeas, lol)...

If you know of any websites with pix I can check out for ideas, or of any specific pix or links of centrepieces in my theme, please pass along the link!

PS- wedding is in 4 months... thanks!|||These are pretty unique鈥?/a>鈥?/a>|||hmmm, i like the hydranges and mums but together you have to very lush flowers and they tend to look busy together. I would suggesting keeping the hydrangeas and accenting it with a more delicate flower like a lilly, peony, anenomes...

this is an example of using hydrangeas, button mums and fiddlbacks (fernlings) if you added some white anemones i think that would be beutiful....鈥?/a>|||I love the herbs idea, as well as the color scheme you picked. This is what I digged up, personally liked, and thought was possible for 4-months til the wedding.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

The last one downloads to the desktop. My favourite is the second one.|||Do not let people sway your color choice. I just read an article on the new %26quot;it%26quot; wedding color schemes and that was one of them, so bravo! I can%26#039;t find the website anymore, but they had pictures of centerpieces that had white and offwhite flowers and green hydrangeas. I believe there was some pink mixed in.

I love the green apples used in the post above!|||Sounds like a cool color combo. I like the link provided above by Gracie M (the first one) The apples in the centerpeices is neat. Especially the more simple ones with the %26quot;fish bowl%26quot; and the apple and the rocks. You could replace the rock with brown candy (choco pieces or M%26amp;M%26#039;s that are all brown with your initials on them).|||Try Google Images. They%26#039;ll have thousands of images to choose from. Just adjust what you see according to your budget.

Ummm, those colors make me think of chocolate mints!|||I%26#039;m telling you they are not going to be thinking %26quot;oh, she%26#039;s so beautiful!%26quot; They%26#039;ll be thinking, %26quot;What the hell was she thinking?%26quot; You colors are overwhelming and are going to distract the importance of the event, your wedding. That green has to go.

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