Monday, December 21, 2009

Why does Superman flavor ice cream turn my poo bright green?

Isn%26#039;t it crazy?

i had a blueberry freezie and kind of forgot I had it. The next day I pooped %26quot;freshly mowed grass%26quot; green and thought I was gonna die. I ran to my computer and googled %26quot;my poo is green%26quot;, and laughed, because thousands of people, even mothers of small children who were worried, have googled this one. It is hilarious.

Fun with poo.|||I had this same problem with spider man ice cream, but mine was blue and red.|||you ate too much of it and it shows up due to food coloring in the ice cream. can happen with gaterade too|||Because it%26#039;s kryptonite poo.|||ill how nasty nobody cares we dont kno ask ur doctor

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