Monday, December 21, 2009

I've been using 17 colour correcter which is green cream, as base cream b4 putting on my foundation?

i%26#039;d prefer sumthing which is even better than that, i do have red skin/blemishes sometimes and would love these to be covered up, i would love to have fawless skin

any advice?|||Get some Max Factor pancake makeup and apply with a damp sea sponge.

Be sure to check the colour of the makeup is right for you.|||try proactive i did now i dnt have 2 ware makeup 2 cover blemishes!!! just eye makeup!!!|||qvc do a great range, its called dermablend, they have different shades to suit different skin tones, they also do mini pots so you can make your own colour, i swear by this, it even covers scars to give you great looking skin|||i ahd the numba 17 one and it was crap ! chanel do a really good !|||Estee Lauder do a variety of products that colour correct, it%26#039;s worth checking them out. You can also use a moisturiser with vitamin e, as vit e is used by the body in healing and you should notice an improvement.|||use a yellow corrector for the red spot and blotches as well as the green for dark circles and you should have near perfect skin!|||Benefit Cosmetics all the way baby! They do a magical concealer called Boi-oing which covers a multitude of sins and they have a great %26#039;yellow%26#039; concealer called Lemon-aid which is designed for eye-lids to disguise redness. It is great on spots and avoids that %26#039;cakey%26#039; concealer look on a blemish that needs hiding.

Visit your local Benefit counter and the ladies will work magic!


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