Monday, December 21, 2009

Ice cream flavours- orange, GREEN and vanilla?

Does anyone remember Peters Icecream use to do a Neopolitan styled 1Lt icecream with colours %26quot;orange, green and white%26quot;

They we%26#039;re very pale orange and green colours, and a little sorbet-like.

Where can I get them? I can%26#039;t find any information of it online!|||They got discontinued|||Sold only in West Australia. They were recalled in the late 90%26#039;s because of metal fragments contaminating the product and were probably not sold much afterward due to a drop in popularity. Nestle owns the name now, so check with them for specifics.|||maybe its discontinued|||oh yeah, i used to eat them, i think they got discontinued :(, i dont see them arond anymore. my friend told me they stopped making them

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