Friday, December 25, 2009

Blue / Green / White / Cream or Red?

Which of these colours would you prefer for the walls of your house?Blue / Green / White / Cream or Red?
BlueBlue / Green / White / Cream or Red?
it depends on what room. but maybe cream :]
well I have green ..cream..and mauve walls in my house.....anything but blue I own nothing blue for my home!!
I would choose the cream color for the inside walls of my home.

a different shade for each room
Depends of which rooms...but cream goes with every room
blue, teal to be specific.
I like a combination...maybe different shades of the blue green and cream!

I'd go with the blue for the main color, and then do the trim in cream and green.
Olive green.
Cream. It's more neutral.
my room is Key Largo blue really supper sweet i just painted on the weekend and Monday i painted my 4 years old play room Blossom pink, and my 13 year old want her room purple
In my living room, burgundy, other rooms are basically white, boring, but safe!
Cream, simply because they are one of my favorite bands of all time.
For exterior of the house I will prefer white !

For dining/living room I will choose a very light blue or a very light green .

For bedroom it will be cream

For bathroom a very light green or a very light blue , not the same colour as the dining/living room .

All these colours will give me the calm that I need to find always when I come back home .

Everything else ( furniture , carpets , etc) will be matched to the walls shades .
BERRIES AND CREAM BERRIES AND CREAM... no.. cream is quite clean and boring.. i would suggest green [like... a leafy green.. not like lime green] its elegant, simple, and it doesnt make a huge statement.
I have light blue in the living room and kitchen....lavendar in my room. In the other bedrooms, we have pink and one room green.
cream=present color
White!........................ this is my first answer on yahoo answers, i think i did quite well!
green, bright green so that everyone goes ';oh well those are green walls!';
Usually white, but they are all nice colors. Red would be my last pick. They say geniuses choose green though. Blue is very soothing. Maybe you could have a room each color.

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