Monday, December 21, 2009

Hello, i really want a green polka dot wallpaper with large cream spots for my new borns nursery ? any ideas ?

i think it would be easier to get the colors you want if you paint the walls and dots by hand. its hard to find a wallpaper with the right combination of colors, and it%26#039;s much easier to paint than wallpaper, easier to cover paint up when youre ready for a change, too.

try these colors: Sherwin Williams %26quot;relish%26quot; or %26quot;nurture green%26quot; for the main color, and %26quot;queen anne%26#039;s lace%26quot; or %26quot;sprout%26#039; for the largepolka dots. for interest, id make the dots in 2 or 3 different sizes, and maybe in the middle (but slightly off center) of some of the dots, paint another smaller circle or oval or spiral in a contrasting color or colors, a darker green or a peach color would be good. try some in %26quot;kumquat%26quot;, %26quot;papaya%26quot;, %26quot;arugula%26quot;, %26quot;grasshopper%26quot;.||||||Paint the walls green, make yourself a stencil to paint dots on with. Much cheaper and probably less work than wallpaper.|||not that will go with green polka dots, wow, don%26#039;t even know what to say to that.|||Hi i have a wallpaper show and i may be able to help you if you are still interested email me how many rolls you would need and i will email you the samples, il leave my ebay shop you can get my email address on there鈥?/a>|||So cute! Paint the walls the green you like. Select the size of the cream spots....a coffee filter, paper plate, saucer or whatever can be used as a template. Then, paint the dots the cream color.

You%26#039;ll be sure to get the effect you want!

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